E-learning Programme

Educate . Empower . Encourage

Digital Me is a after school programme that Technogeek Solutions has initiated as part of our Community Social Investment. We believe that the only way to empower the youth is through education and Digital Me is structured to not only provide skills development but also address the issue of E-waste Management.

Our Approach

The are many companies that have old computers and printers lying around in storage which we can use to teach young people how to refurbish, repair and operate laptops or computers.  Our core focus being job creation for the youth and making a meaningful impact in reducing electronic waste in organizations.

Our E -learning platform will give historically disadvantaged youth an opportunity to upskill themselves, our primary target is learners from schools that can’t afford the I.T infrastructure to facilitate computer classes. Digital Me will not only be offering skills development and training but in addition to fundamental basic computer literacy we will be teaching them how to do productive research online for both academic purposes and career choice guidance.


The sad reality is that many young people either still don’t have access to reliable, free/affordable internet, while some misuse and waste the data on their phones on social media or unproductive downloads. Digital Me will digitize learning by creating an online platform where learners will be able to create their own profile which will give them access to e-books, webinars and tutorials.

Further-more this will expose them to likeminded peers who have similar academic interest, by doing so they will have an opportunity to engage in study forums where they can share notes and discuss challenges they are facing with their subjects at school. Our Strategic Partnerships with reputable companies like Mircosoft will help us integrate existing  online learning platforms which teach robotics and coding.

Before we can implement this initiative, we will first need to develop their computer literacy from the basic use of a computer to being able to troubleshoot and repair any issues they have with their laptop or computer.  By doing so, our learners will be able to take full advantage of the Digital Me Online Learning Platform.


Project Roll Out


Jan 2022


The First step is acquiring a base of operations such as converted shipping containers & old computers which we will use as part of our training.


Feb 2022


Second Step is to install reliable internet so the online platform can function optimally.


Mar 2022


Thirdly we required software licences to be purchased so learners can us a Virtual Machine to practice installation and software repairs.


Apr 2022


Travel to remote areas where the learners don’t have access to internet or computers, setup IT infrastructure and connect them remotely to our online platform.

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